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Toupee for a Day™ Zumba® Challenge FAQs

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Where does the Toupee for a Day™ Zumba® Challenge take place?

Sign up today for the Zumba® Challenge and wear your Wellspring “toupee” on Thursday, September 21st at 6:00 pm at any World Health or Wellspring location. Zumba® classes will take place at all World Health Calgary locations – Bay Club, Calgary Place, Edgemont, Macleod, Midnapore, Northill, Richmond and Sunridge. Simply sign up for a class and wear your toupee.

Who can participate?

You must be 18 years or older to participate in a Zumba® class but EVERYONE can wear a toupee. The only requirement is that you sign up for a Zumba® class, raise a minimum of $50, and “Zumba” to support those living with cancer. Or, simply raise $50 and wear Your Toupee For A Day™ while going about your regular daily activities. Tell people why you are willing to stand out from the crowd and be noticed – so no one has to face cancer alone. Either way, all participants will raise vital funds and awareness for Wellspring Calgary.

What does the Wellspring toupee look like?

The hair of the Wellspring toupee is multi-coloured to represent the many different cancer types (usually represented by a different coloured ribbons such as pink for breast cancer and grey for brain cancer). Having the colourful ‘hair’ also represents the inclusiveness of Wellspring Calgary in that we welcome ANYONE with ANY type of cancer, and those who care for them.

How do I fundraise?

After you register at, you will be able to set up a fundraising page with a photo and a short personal story, as well as your fundraising goal. You will then be able to send this page to all your friends and family, and encourage them to donate to Wellspring Calgary and help you meet your fundraising goal. If you are going to participate in the Zumba® Challenge, register for the World Health Calgary location closest to you. If not, just wear your Toupee For A Day™!

There are many things you can do to help increase your fundraising such as:

  • hold a bake sale or garage sale
  • encourage your work to have a jeans day/school to have a pajama day
  • Have a 50/50 draw at your next team event
  • Encourage your school to get involved
  • Many, many more – 101 Fundraising Ideas!
What about tax receipts?

Wellspring Calgary is a registered charity (# 809013675 RR0001). Every donation $20.00 or more will receive a Canadian tax receipt for the entire amount of the donation.
Donors who submit a credit card donation directly to your donation page will receive an immediate tax receipt via email. All others will be mailed a tax receipt once we receive their donation. Please ensure you have first name, last name and full address (including postal code) for receipts. Download the Pledge Sheet for easy tracking.

Can I enter a team?

Yes, a team consists of two to 10 members. When you register, choose to join or start a team and you will be guided through the process. Encourage your coworkers, friends, family or teammates to form a team with you and show people with cancer that they are not alone.

How do I receive my Wellspring toupee?

If you sign up for the Zumba® Challenge, your toupee will be available for you at the World Health Calgary location of your choice. If you choose to wear a toupee and not participate in the Zumba® Challenge, once you have raised the minimum $50 your toupee will be mailed to you. If you are a team, one of our Toupee Liaison volunteers will be in touch with your Team Captain to arrange pick-up or delivery. The number of toupees will be based on your overall team fundraising goal and not that of each individual (example: if your team raised $500 you will receive enough toupees for your team to a maximum of 10 participants – even if someone on your team didn’t quite raise $50. If less than 10 people on your team, you will receive enough for all participants only).

How will the proceeds from Toupee for a Day™ Zumba® Challenge be used?

By wearing a Toupee For A Day™, participating in Zumba® Challenge and collecting donations, you will be raising vital funds and awareness for Wellspring Calgary. The proceeds will go to support Wellspring Calgary’s valuable programs, services and resources. In 2016, 4,223 members had access to 26,710 hours of programs and services. Every $150 you raise will provide one month of unlimited free programs, resources and support to one person living with cancer.

Wellspring Calgary supports, informs and empowers people diagnosed with cancer, as well as their families and caregivers by helping them address the fear, isolation, disruption and practical problems cancer brings to their lives. All Wellspring Calgary programs, services and resources are offered free of charge and without referral. Wellspring Calgary depends on the generosity of its donors and supporters to ensure it is able to deliver programs of value and quality to those who need them.

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